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Delivering high quality inbound services

How do we work?

The core of inbound marketing is content and analysis. To get ot the bottom of who you want to reach and what they care for or need more information about, we run a detailed pre-project with all the companies we work with. Before you are ready to dive into inbound, we take you through different workshops, such as Buyer's Journey Mapping, personas workshop and content planning. The result of these meetings and our further analysis will form the basis of your inbound marketing strategy.

Choose what is right for you!

Maybe you have already mapped your personas, or been doing inbound for a while but need a new plan for your content? You can book any of our workshops separately as needed. Simply use the form at the bottom of this page to request more information about how we can tailor these workshops to your needs.

1) Buyers Journey Mapping

Identify and optimise every touchpoint

Are you familiar with the journey your clients take from the moment they experience an issue until the point in time when they have started using your product or service? In this workshop we will break down every touchpoint, either from the moment a lead lands on your website through to when they call support after their purchase. When all steps are identified, we go deeper, analysing how each step is experienced by the client. When are they pleased? When are they frustrated? What hinders them in moving forward? How do you follow them up after a purchase?

The findings from these workshops are assembled in an action plan with clear action points helping improve the customer experience and simplifying the customer journey.

Workshop: Buyers Journey Mapping
Result: Presentation of findings and action plan
Estimated time: 2 hour workshop + summarising findings

2) Personas workshop

Who are you trying to reach?

Are you still producing work based on target audiences? Then this workshop is for you!

Traditional demographical marketing is to general to strice a corde with most people. If only 1 our of 10 people in your target audience need what you offer, the other 9 are irrelevant leads. You are wasting 90 % of the time you could have spent chasing more relevant leads.

A persona is a fictional personalisiation of a typical person that you are looking to reach. The description of a persona will include needs, goals, worries, challenges, how they think and how they behave in a decision making process. By really diving into how the people you want to talk to operate, you can discover action patterns and reveal the challenges they are looking to solve.

When your personas are in place it will be easier to write content and know when to contact them, share blog posts that will interest them and be useful, as well as talking to your customers in a new and more personal manner.

Workshop: Personas
Result: 2-3 personas
Estimated time: 3 hours workshop + summarising findings

3) Content workshop

What content can help my personas?

Now that you know who you want ot reach, it is time to figure out what you want to say. Or more importantly, what your personas want to know more about. A lot of companies walk into the trap of writing content for themselves, publishing whatever they find interesting, without considering their client's challenges.

The findings from the customer journey workshop and your personas will form the perfect basis for figuring out what content you should be making - and how. Content come in many shapes and forms. Should you make a checklist? Maybe an infograhic is the best way to get the message across?

In this workshop we look at themes that interst your personas and how you can help solve their problems. Every theme can form the basis for an inbound campaign. To take one persona through the buyer's journey, we need three campaigns, each taking them one step close to a purchase.

Each campaign contains premium downloadable assets, blog posts, landings pages, calls to actions, workflows, as well as sharing and promoting this content in social media. After the workshop we will assemble your publishing plan that will make it easy to know what to publish at any time and how.

Workshop: Content
Result: Publishing plan for 3-6 months
Estimated time: Workshop 3 hours + summarising findings