Learn how the magic combination of inbound marketing and sales will help grow your marketing and sales-muscles

With our event speaking queen Barbro Fagerbakk.

Who is she and how can she be of help?

Inbound marketing has revolutionised the way we do marketing and now it’s time to take it one step further: Connecting marketing and sales to achieve the best possible result for both departments.

Our event speaker, Barbro Fagerbakk, will talk about how you can customise your marketing strategies to the modern buyer, guide the prospect through the buyer’s journey and close more deals.

To illustrate the impact inbound marketing and sales have had on our customer’s results, we’ll present professional case studies and striking statistics.

Attract more customers. Delight them with amazing content that is actually relevant and helpful for these specific people. Sell by helping them solve a problem. It’s that easy.

Topics for talks:

  • Inbound marketing and sales
  • Sales enablement
  • Inbound content
  • Hubspot CRM

"Barbro is the kind of person that takes the stage with her presence and easygoing way of speaking. She gives great value to the listeners, whether it be about how she supercharged her sales or how inbound marketing can help businesses grow. I will strongly recommend her to anyone who wants a skilled, humorous and interesting speaker."

– Dan Tyre, Sales Director at HubSpot