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HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan’s relationship to equality and other learnings from HubSpot Partner Summit 2018

Guro Grønbakken | 07. June 2018

Every year HubSpot arranges a Partner Day Summit for their partners across the EMEA countries. This year at the summit there was a range of keynote speakers and breakout sessions on different topics - a few of them given by HubSpot Partners.

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3 reasons why CEOs love inbound marketing

Nana G. Kwapong | 05. June 2018

As the head of your company, it is a daunting task for your CEO to decide where and how to allocate funds within your company. As a marketer, you must help make these decisions easier by defending your budget and proving the ROI of the marketing efforts.

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[Video]: How to make the marketing department feel ownership to the company's overall goals

Ingunn Bjøru | 28. May 2018

In all companies, no matter how big or small, it may be difficult to make the entire company feel ownership to the business’ overall goals and profitability. To do this, you must simply break down the goals into specific numbers for each department to reach. Watch our video to learn how.

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How to increase the lifetime value of each customer

Ingunn Bjøru | 21. May 2018

Wouldn’t it be great to implement a strategy that helps you increase the lifetime value of each customer rather than always spending your budget acquiring and closing new customers? Here are three ways to do just that. 

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How can sales enablement help your business?

Carina C. Carlsen | 18. May 2018

You may have learned a little about what sales enablement is and found out that it is quite favourable that the sales and marketing department work together to achieve their goals. But how can it really help you and your business? 

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Infographic: The CEO’s 5 minute guide to inbound marketing and sales

Ingunn Bjøru | 14. May 2018

A marketing and sales strategy that gives higher ROI,  a lower customer acquisition cost (CAC) and a higher customer lifetime value? Yes, it does in fact exist. This is inbound marketing – briefly explained.

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SEO Survival Guide for 2018

Kristine Hansen | 09. May 2018

Before we answer the question of how you can stand out among the many  search results in Google and get your content to the first page, we need to take a step back and answer the big question; What is SEO? Here’s what you need to know about SEO in 2018.

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4 reasons why you need to start a company blog

Guro Grønbakken | 30. April 2018

Why not use a corporate blog to answer the questions your customers have? This is just one of many reasons why your business should blog. Read on to get another three good reasons. 

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Why you need to attend Inbound Norway's breakfast seminar

Karoline Roedsmoen | 27. April 2018

Setting aside time to learn something new can often be just as challenging as the actual training. You don’t want to spend time on a training session that doesn’t provide any value. Trust us, we’ve been there, too. That is why we have made a brief summary that hopefully enables you to answer the following question: Is Inbound Norway’s breakfast seminar on inbound marketing and sales worth my time?

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