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We form North Europe's largest inbound agency

Ingunn Bjøru | 21. March 2018

10 months after starting Inbound Norway, a lot has happened. Not only have we become HubSpot Platinum Partner after only 7 months, we have also grown from 2 to 13 people – and now we'll grow even more. Together with Swedish DoIdea and Danish Katalysator, we now form Avidly, the Nordics' largest inbound agency.

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18 facts you should know about mobile marketing

Siri Torbjoernsen | 20. March 2018

Did you know that 34 % of all e-commerce last year was done via mobile and that it is expected to double this year? Since we are always on smartphones, it is often what we use to make a decision or do research. 

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How to choose the right marketing automation software for your company?

Ingunn Bjøru | 12. March 2018

Your inbound marketing strategy stands and falls on your ability to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time. To achieve this you need to have a marketing automation tool that can help you, so what software should you choose – HubSpot, Salesforce Pardot, Marketo or Eloqua?

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5 Ways You Can Use HubSpot to Free Up Hours For Your Most Important Sales Tasks

Josefine Aamodt | 07. March 2018

What are most businesses doing if sales figures start to decline? They hire more salespeople – or resort to more cold calling. What if it were possible to achieve better ROI in the sales department without hiring more people or taking on more sales calls? With marketing automation, it’s actually possible. Here's how you can solve the task using inbound sales and HubSpot.

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How to Create Content That Provides Value to Your Existing Customers?

Guro Grønbakken | 06. March 2018

There are four steps within the inbound marketing methodology: attract, convert, close, and delight. Content plays an important role in all four steps, but what kind of content should you offer to your existing customers to delight them and give them added value?

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What is Search Engine Marketing?

Nana G. Kwapong | 05. March 2018

There are many measures that can help make your business visible and you've probably heard that search engine marketing or ads can be a great way of increasing your visibility in places where customers are searching for solutions to their issues. But what is search engine marketing, and how can you use it to generate sales-qualified leads?

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7 Digital Experts You Should Follow on Social Media

Ingunn Bjøru | 26. February 2018

Need to refresh your knowledge of the industry's most inspiring people? We’ve found 7 of them who are really worth following.

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How to determine if you need help with the sales process?

Barbro Fagerbakk | 17. January 2018

Did you know that only 1% of traditional cold calls result in meetings? Or that over 90% of B2B decision makers don’t answer cold sales calls?

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4 things you should consider before an inbound sales meeting

Carina Charlotte Carlsen | 15. January 2018

A sales team's main goal is to continually acquire new sales – right? However, digitalisation has put the customer in the driver's seat, and the salesperson in the back seat, which can present a challenge. So how do you conduct a good sales meeting in 2018? 

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